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Why it is crucial to clean the air ducts
Why it is crucial to clean the air ducts

Debris left in air ducts after construction or remodeling projects can significantly impact the performance and efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including furnaces and air conditioners.


Here’s a detailed explanation of how this occurs and why it’s crucial to address:

1. Reduced Airflow 

-  Obstruction : Construction debris, such as sawdust, plaster, pieces of drywall, and insulation materials, can obstruct air flow in ductwork. This results in the furnace or air conditioner working harder to circulate air through the vents.

-  Efficiency Loss : Reduced airflow forces HVAC systems to consume more energy to maintain desired temperatures, leading to higher utility bills and strain on the system.


 2. Increased Wear and Tear 

 -  System Strain : When air cannot flow freely through ducts, both furnaces and air conditioners must operate longer cycles to reach set temperatures. This prolonged operation can lead to premature wear and tear on system components like motors and compressors. ... Read more »

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Another Success Story
Another Success Story

Installing the Zoeller 0.4 HP Waste-Mate Submersible Sewer Ejector Pump

by Smart Housing Systems Inc.


At Smart Housing Systems Inc., DBA Emergency Plumbing, we recently celebrated another installation triumph with the Zoeller 0.4 HP Waste-Mate submersible sewer ejector pump. This advanced solution ensures reliable wastewater management for our clients, demonstrating our commitment to providing top-tier services with every project.


Why Choose the Zoeller 0.4 HP Waste-Mate?


The Zoeller 0.4 HP Waste-Mate is renowned for its durability and efficiency. Ideal for residential or co ... Read more »

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How Your Outside Spigot Can Cause Indoor Leaks
How Your Outside Spigot Can Cause Indoor Leaks

 While an outdoor spigot is an excellent convenience, especially for gardening and other outdoor activities, it can sometimes lead to unexpected problems inside your home, such as leaks and water damage. Understanding how this happens can help you prevent costly repairs and maintain the integrity of your plumbing system.


Connections and Pressure

 The most common issue stems from the spigot's connection to your home's water supply. Outdoor spigots are typically connected to the main plumbing system. If the spigot is improperly installed or if there's a failure in the connecting pipe, water can leak into your home's foundation or walls. This is particularly problematic in colder climates where freezing temperatures can cause the water inside the pipe to expand and burst the pipe.  ... Read more »

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Your local licensed plumbing solutions you need
Your local licensed plumbing solutions you need

Welcome to Smart Housing Systems Inc. DBA Emergency Plumbing - Your One-Stop Plumbing Solution!


 Struggling with a plumbing puzzle? Whether you're facing a minor leak or planning a major renovation, Emergency Plumbing of Highland Park has got all your plumbing needs covered.


Here’s why we are your local licensed go-to plumbing pros:


Our Plumbing Services:

Expert Repairs

 Leaky faucet? Jammed garbage disposal? No problem is too big or too small for us. We repair all makes and models of plumbing fixtures, ensuring everything operates smoothly.

Tailored Remodeling & Additions

 Dreaming of an updated bathroom or an expanded kitchen? We specialize in custom remodeling and additions that enhance your living space and boost your property's value. ... Read more »

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