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Home » Zoeller 508-0014 Aquanot Fit 12V/DC Backup Sump Pump System w/Built in WiFi

The Best-In-Class, Z-Control enabled AquaNot Fit 508 is a battery backup pump system that should be paired with a primary sump pump in the basement sump that will remove water even during a power outage.



The AquaNot® Fit 508 is our premium backup pump system that can be paired with a primary sump pump. It comes equipped with a high-performance, high efficiency, double-sealed 12 V battery-powered sump pump designed to provide backup support to the primary sump pump.  The AquaNot 508 turns on during high flow events or takes over in the event of a power outage. The system is self-monitoring and provides alerts for occurrences such as a power outage, high water condition or switch obstruction.

In addition, the AquaNot Fit 508 includes a Z Control enabled, Wi-Fi connected, smart, innovative controller with 2-way communication. The system allows the homeowner or designated service provider to remotely monitor, diagnose, or troubleshoot the system from a computer or handheld device. Away on vacation and want to be sure your system is working properly, no problem. With the AquaNot Fit 508 and built-in Z Control capabilities, you can do just that.

The AquaNot Fit 508 is capable of providing up to 6 hours of continuous pump run time.  This equates to about 2 days of backup in the event of a power outage.  The charger has an option to add a second pump run float for added redundancy at a reasonable price.

With the AquaNot Fit 508, you can be 100% certain and confident about your flood prevention with real time peace of mind from anywhere. As with every Zoeller Pump Company pump, it is 100% Factory Tested.


  • A self-testing 12 V DC backup sump pump for basement sump applications
  • Provides backup support to a primary sump pump when the primary pump is unable to keep up with the water flow or during a power outage
  • Able to provide push notification alerts for a whole host of occurrences that can be selected based on your personal preferences
  • Z Control monitoring and testing capability can be shared with a local Contractor who can monitor alarms and respond to alerts on behalf of the Homeowner
  • A smart, intelligent, and innovative controller monitors pump activation, high water alarm conditions, air locked pump events, power outages and system faults
  • 24/7 backup support for your primary sump pump
  • Engineered, glass-filled thermoplastic vortex impellers
  • Lockable battery box, Battery sold separate
  • 100% Factory Tested primary sump pump and battery backup sump pump
  • 3-year limited warranty: this model comes with warranty coverage from Zoeller Pump Company, giving you extra protection and more peace of mind


16 lbs


Height 10 1/2 in   x   Width 18 1/2 in   x   Length 11 1/2 in.


Battery replacement reminder, Keeps battery charged, Performs self-testing, Z Control Enabled


Connection fault, High water, Power outage/restored, Pump activation, Pump cycled, Pump fault, Switch fault

Battery Case:

Fits all group size 27, 29 and 31 batteries, Made from non-corrodible polyethylene, Maximum battery dimensions of 13" (330 mm) L x 7-1/2" (191 mm) W x 9-1/2" (241 mm) H, To use multiple batteries, order extra battery case with hookup wire (P/N 10-5184).


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