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Home » Water Heater Installation and Repair

Every day, you head to the shower, turn on the water, you expect the water to run hot. After showering, you head to the kitchen enjoy your coffee and breakfast, run hot water through the sink or dishwasher to wash your dishes, and then head to the laundry room to start a load of laundry as well.

This means that every day, you rely on your water heater for your daily tasks.




Emergency Plumbing team is here to assist you.


Don’t let water heater issues get you down. Instead, call 224-754-1984 to speak to our experts today!


The cost of installing a standard water heater can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the water heater, the complexity of the installation, and any additional requirements specific to your home. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $750 to $2,000 for the installation of a standard water heater.


Tankless water heater installations tend to be more expensive due to the higher upfront costs of the unit itself. On average, installing a tankless water heater can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 or more. However, it's important to keep in mind that tankless water heaters offer long-term energy savings, so the higher initial cost may be offset by lower energy bills over time.



Water heaters are a crucial component in our daily lives, providing us with warm water for various purposes.



Here are some reasons why water heaters are important:


1. Comfort and convenience: Water heaters allow us to enjoy hot showers, especially during colder seasons. They also help us wash dishes and clothes with warm water, ensuring cleanliness and comfort.

2. Hygiene: Hot water helps kill bacteria and germs, ensuring that we maintain good hygiene standards when washing our hands or cleaning items like baby bottles and utensils.

3. Health benefits: Hot water can aid with muscle relaxation and promote blood circulation. It can also soothe certain ailments like sore joints, muscle aches, and headaches.

4. Productivity: With hot water, we can efficiently carry out tasks such as cleaning and sterilizing more effectively. This enhances productivity in both personal and professional settings.

5. Energy efficiency: Modern water heaters are designed to be more energy-efficient, which reduces energy waste and carbon emissions. This benefits not only the environment but also helps lower utility bills.

6. Safety: Properly functioning water heaters come with various safety features such as temperature controls and pressure relief valves. These features safeguard against scalding incidents and potential accidents.

7. Satisfaction: Having a reliable and efficient water heater ensures that we have a consistent supply of warm water whenever we need it. This contributes to a better quality of life and overall satisfaction. It is important to regularly maintain and service your water heater to ensure optimal performance and longevity.





There are two types of water heaters: gas and electric ones. Besides, some units might have tanks while others are tankless. Our team is skilled to work with any type of water heater, regardless of its type, brand or age. Below, we’ll briefly analyze the specifics of the three most popular types of units.



Gas Water Heaters


Such units are available in a wide variety of sizes. If you wish, you’ll be able to purchase a high-energy-efficiency model. Gas units heat up the water faster than their electric counterparts and you can use them during a power outage. They involve higher upfront costs but lower monthly energy expenses. The safety concern with this type of water heater is that gas is highly flammable  and improperly installed gas water heater may cause a gas leak and potential explosion so it is important to hire a competent professional to have gas unit repaired or installed.


Electric Water Heaters


This type of unit does not present safety concerns gas heater does and requires less maintenance. However, it doesn’t heat the water as quickly as a gas unit and can’t operate during a power outage. Besides, no high-energy-efficiency models are available. An electric heater involves lower upfront costs and higher monthly expenses.


Tankless Water Heaters


This type of unit occupies less space, compared to the one with a tank. On the flip side, it provides a lower flow rate. Tankless units heat water using an electric element or a gas burner. You might consider buying it only if your home has a high-pressure main gas line for larger homes or fewer plumbing fixtures.




You might need a hot water heater repair if your unit is leaking or producing weird noises. If you lack technical skills, it might be hard for you to identify how serious the problem is. The quicker you call us and the more detailed description of the issue you give, the sooner we’ll be able to help you.




If your water heater is malfunctioning, it might lead to a flood. If you don’t call a reputable plumber immediately, the water might damage your home and belongings. Emergency Plumbing offers emergency water heater repair services and emergency hot water heater replacement for both electric and gas units of any type, size and brand. You may contact us at any time for emergency service




Some companies might offer free or paid installation for clients who buy heaters with them. But if your vendor doesn’t provide this service, you can always call us. We can install any type of water heater at your home or business quickly and reliably.




Our company is renowned for the exceptional quality of water heater service. NORTHSHORE, NORTHWEST SUBURBS OF CHICAGO, IL residents choose us for the following reasons.

  • We can professionally install, repair or replace your water heater regardless of its type, age or brand.
  • We offer the most affordable water heater repair cost and we keep the prices for other types of services on a reasonable level too.
  • Before starting the work, we’ll provide you with a free estimate.
  • We accept emergency orders 24/7.
  • You should be able to use the unit the same day when you call us.
  • All our specialists are licensed and have extensive expertise in their sphere.


We would appreciate it if you could call us as soon as you detect a problem with your water heater. We’d like to advise you against any attempts to fix the unit with your own hands. After we finalize the repair, we’ll give you a guarantee.




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