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Three Effective Methods to Protect Your Home from Flooding
Three Effective Methods to Protect Your Home from Flooding

The Essentials of Flood Control

Three Effective Methods to Protect Your Home


Flooding can be a devastating event, causing significant damage to homes and property. However, with the right flood control measures in place, you can significantly reduce the risk and ensure that your home stays dry and secure. Here are three essential flood control methods that every homeowner should consider implementing.


1. One-Way Check Valve on a Sump Pump

A one-way check valve is a crucial component in any flood control system. Attached to a sump pump, this valve prevents water that has been pumped out from flowing back into your basement. The one-way check valve allows water to exit through the discharge li ... Read more »

04/14/2024 143 0

Project Highlight:


Storm Line Restoration in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

Smart Housing Systems Inc. DBA Emergency Plumbing** In the serene community of Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, residents recently faced a challenging issue with their underground storm sewer lines. Blockages caused by debris accumulation threatened the efficiency of their drainage systems. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Smart Housing Systems Inc., operating under Emergency Plumbing, swiftly responded to mitigate the risk of potential flooding and property damage.


The Challenge

Our expert team was contacted after local homeowners noticed slow drainage and backflow during moderate rains. Preliminary assessments pointed to severe blockages deep within the community’s aging infrastructure, particularly in the clay pipe segments renowned for their vulnerability to root invasion and sediment buildup.  ... Read more »

04/10/2024 121 0
Discover local licensed plumbing provider
Discover local licensed plumbing provider

Need a Plumber? Smart Housing Systems Inc. | DBA Emergency Plumbing is Here to Help!

Looking for a reliable plumber nearby?  Smart Housing Systems Inc., doing business as Emergency Plumbing, is your trusted local licensed plumbing specialist. We're experts in everything plumbing, from fixing leaky pipes to more comprehensive inspections and installations.


Here's what we can do for you:  ... Read more »

04/08/2024 107 0
The Evolution of Plumbing
The Evolution of Plumbing

The Evolution of Plumbing:

From Ancient Innovations to Modern Conveniences


Plumbing is a field that has seen remarkable transformations over the centuries. From the ancient aqueducts to today's sophisticated systems, the journey of plumbing technology encapsulates human ingenuity and the quest for improved living standards. Here's a look at how the plumbing of the past differs significantly from modern practices.


Ancient Foundations The roots of plumbing trace back to ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, and Indus Valley, where the initial developments were predominantly for public baths and removing wastewater. The Romans were particularly advanced, with their extensive aqueducts bringing fresh water into cities, and sewage systems that protected their streets from flooding and disease. Materials like lead and clay were commonly used for pipes.  ... Read more »

04/06/2024 142 0
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