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Emergency Plumbing, steady, brave
Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing, steady, brave

in icy grips when pipes do freeze, Emergency Plumbing's team does please.
Through snow and frost, they make their way, To save the day without delay.
Their vans traverse the winter's scorn, To homes where warmth has now been shorn.
The faucets stiff, the drains ice-bound, 'Til plumbers' hands make flowing sounds.
They work with speed, in cold they toil, To fix the pipes, prevent the spoil.
A rescue squad in overalls, They heed the chill's relentless calls
No frozen maze can halt their stride, With trusty tools kept by their side.
And when the water flows once more, They're off to help, to next restore.
Emergency Plumbing, steady, brave, In freezing conditions, they save.
The rescue team, in snow so deep, Ensures the warmth that homes will keep.

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Don’t let winter plumbing problems freeze you out Emergency Plumbing, steady, brave Water marks or damage on your walls

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