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Choose Emergency Plumbing – Your shield against water damage!

Extreme cold weather can indeed lead to sump pump dysfunction


As winter temperatures plummet, it's essential to keep an eye on your sump pump. Extreme cold can wreak havoc on these vital basement appliances. Cold weather can cause the water in the sump pump discharge pipe to freeze, leading to blockages and potential pump failure.


To prevent this, ensure your discharge pipe is properly insulated and consider installing a freeze guard. Regular maintenance and monitoring during the cold season can save you from a costly basement flood.

Stay warm, stay dry! 


Call Emergency Plumbing: Your Local Sump Pump Experts!

Are you searching for a reliable "plumber near me" for sump pump repair or installation in Highland Park, IL, Lake Forest, IL, Glenview, IL, Winnetka, IL, Deerfield, IL, Northbrook, IL, Buffalo Grove, IL, Lake Zurich, IL, Vernon Hills, IL , Arlington Heights, IL, Palatine IL, and beyond.


Look no further! Emergency Plumbing is your go-to local trusted plumbing service provider.


We specialize in sump pump repair and installation, ensuring your home stays dry and protected. But what about during power outages? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

We install battery-operated sump pumps serve as a perfect backup system, keeping your basement safe even when the power is down. Trust us to provide you with a robust sump pump solution that works seamlessly, regardless of the circumstances.


For expert service you can depend on,

Choose Emergency Plumbing – Your shield against water damage!





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