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9:27 PM

How Your Outside Spigot Can Cause Indoor Leaks

 While an outdoor spigot is an excellent convenience, especially for gardening and other outdoor activities, it can sometimes lead to unexpected problems inside your home, such as leaks and water damage. Understanding how this happens can help you prevent costly repairs and maintain the integrity of your plumbing system.


Connections and Pressure

 The most common issue stems from the spigot's connection to your home's water supply. Outdoor spigots are typically connected to the main plumbing system. If the spigot is improperly installed or if there's a failure in the connecting pipe, water can leak into your home's foundation or walls. This is particularly problematic in colder climates where freezing temperatures can cause the water inside the pipe to expand and burst the pipe. 


Worn Out Washers and Seals

 Another point of failure can be the washer and seals within the spigot itself. Over time, these components can degrade, leading to drips or a continuous flow of water, even when the spigot is turned off. This constant water flow can not only increase your water bill but also lead to moisture issues inside your walls if the internal components of the spigot assembly are compromised.


Freeze Damage

 In areas that experience freezing temperatures, an outdoor spigot is vulnerable to ice formation inside the pipes. If the spigot isn’t properly drained or insulated during cold months, water trapped inside can freeze, expanding and cracking the pipe. This damage often goes unnoticed until the thaw sets in and water starts leaking into your home.


Preventive Measures

1. Regular Maintenance: Regularly check and replace the washers and seals on your outdoor spigots.

2. Winterize Your Spigots: Before winter, make sure to drain and insulate outdoor spigots to prevent freezing and bursting.

3. Proper Installation: Ensure that any installation or repairs are performed by a qualified professional to avoid common pitfalls that lead to leaks.

4. Install a Frost-Proof Spigot: Consider upgrading to frost-proof spigots, which are designed to reduce the risk of freezing and bursting in cold weather.


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