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Installation Of A Heated Towel Rail

The bathroom is one of the most visited places in the house, going there, you want to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a bathroom without such a useful attribute as a heated towel rail. An important role is played by the proper connection and installation of a heated towel rail in Illinois.


The heated towel rail in the bathroom serves a number of purposes. In addition to drying towels and linen, it prevents the appearance of dampness and fungus, supports a certain microclimate, the level of heat. To do this, it must function continuously.


What are they made of? 

  • Stainless steel – will serve you for many years.
  • Non-ferrous metals – high heat transfer, but, unfortunately, short-lived.
  • Regular steel is of moderate quality at a low price. 


Types of heated towel rails: electric, combined and water. Let’s stop at the last, most common form. These are ordinary “snakes” through which hot water circulates. Usually they have the lowest efficiency.


Installation of a heated towel rail in Illinois
Installation of a heated towel rail takes several hours.
For this we need:

  • Dismantle the old device
  • Mount the crane
  • Connect a new heated towel rail to the water supply
  • Make sure of quality and reliability


The heated towel rail should be placed at arm’s length near the shower or bath. Inconveniently installed “inaccessible” drying is often the biggest problem that users face. Typically, a heated towel rail can be placed near the shower. But if the hinges are placed on the side of the wall, then when opening the towel is behind the door.


Our professionals will install a heated towel rail depending on the type of connection: two points, four, of a complicated configuration.


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