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Stay dry with your local plumbing pros.

Facing a flood of plumbing problems?



Are you dealing with unexpected splashes, drips, and plumbing surprises at home?

At Emergency Plumbing / Smart Housing Systems Inc, we’ve got the tools and expertise to fix everything from mischievous pipes and broken faucets to sump pump mishaps and chilly water heaters. Quick, reliable, and always professional, we ensure the water only flows where you want it to. 


 Stay dry with Emergency Plumbing / Smart Housing Systems Inc! We’re your licensed, insured, and local plumbing pros serving Highland Park, Lake Forest, Deerfield, Lake Zurich, Northbrook, and beyond. From persistent pipes leaking to rebellious faucets, sump pumps, or water heaters, our expert team tackles it all with efficiency and skill. Count on us for fast, friendly service that keeps your home safe and sound.



Get in touch now for swift service that brings back your comfort and peace of mind 


Call us today—your neighborhood solution for all things plumbing!



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