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Top Winter Plumbing Problems and How Emergency Plumbing Can Help

 Bracing for the Chill: Top Winter Plumbing Problems and How

Emergency Plumbing Can Help in Highland Park IL,

North Shore, and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago IL


 Winter brings a unique set of challenges for homeowners, particularly when it comes to plumbing. The plummeting temperatures can lead to significant plumbing problems.


Here’s what to watch out for and how Emergency Plumbing can assist.


**Frozen Outdoor Pipes** Outdoor pipes are the first to feel the bite of winter. If not winterized correctly, water lines leading to outdoor spigots can freeze and burst, leading to costly damages. Insulating these pipes or installing frost-proof spigots can prevent such occurrences.

**Frozen Indoor Pipes** Pipes running through unheated indoor spaces like basements, attics, and garages are also at risk. Keeping your home warm and pipes insulated is vital, but if they do freeze, Emergency Plumbing professionals can safely thaw them and repair any damage.

**Clogged Kitchen Drains** The holiday season often means a busy kitchen, which can lead to clogged drains. Grease and food particles can solidify in colder pipes, causing blockages. Regular maintenance and proper disposal of kitchen waste can keep things flowing smoothly. 

**Water Heater Troubles** Cold weather increases the demand on your water heater. Ensure it's in top condition by flushing out sediments and checking the pressure relief valve. If issues arise, Emergency Plumbing's team can repair or replace your unit to ensure you have hot water all winter.

**Outdoor Drain Damage** Snow and ice can wreak havoc on outdoor drains. Keeping them clear of debris and snow can prevent damage. For bigger issues, like cracks or leaks, professional help from Emergency Plumbing may be necessary.

**Sump Pump Backup** A sump pump is critical in preventing winter flooding. However, frozen discharge lines can cause backups. Regular checks can prevent this, but if your sump pump does fail, Emergency Plumbing’s swift response can mitigate.


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