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Garbage disposal manufacturer guidelines

According to most garbage disposal manufacturer guidelines, there are several items that should not be put into a garbage disposal. These include:


1. Non-food items: garbage disposals are designed to handle food waste only. Non-food items such as plastic, metal, glass, or paper should not be disposed of in the garbage disposal.


2. Hard or dense materials: Avoid putting hard or dense items like bones, fruit pits, shells, or coffee grounds in the disposal. These can damage the blades or cause clogs.

3. Grease, oil, or fat: Pouring large amounts of grease, oil, or fat down the disposal can lead to clogs and odors. It's best to dispose of these in a separate container and throw them in the regular trash.


4. Fibrous foods: Foods like celery, corn husks, onion skins, and artichokes contain fibrous materials that can tangle around the disposal blades and cause jams.


5. Starchy foods: Foods like pasta, rice, or potatoes can expand when exposed to water, leading to clogs in the disposal or pipes.


6. Harsh chemicals: Avoid pouring bleach, drain cleaners, or other harsh chemicals down the disposal, as they can damage the unit and potentially harm the environment.



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