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Locating blockages with camera video inspection

Camera video inspection is an invaluable tool for Emergency Plumbing

when it comes to locating blockages caused by overgrown roots in Highland Park, IL.


Here's how this technology helps us assist our client in Highland Park effectively:

1. **Visual Confirmation:** A camera video inspection provides a clear visual of the inside of the sewer or drain lines. This allows our plumbers to confirm the presence of root intrusion and determine its extent.


2. **Accurate Location:** The camera system is equipped with a locator, which accurately pinpoints the location of the root blockage within the pipe. This precision helps our plumbers plan the most targeted and efficient solution.


3. **Assessment of Damage:** The inspection allows us to assess any damage caused by the roots, such as cracks or fractures in the pipe. Understanding the extent of the damage helps in determining the appropriate repair or cleaning method.


4. **Tailored Solutions:** Armed with visual evidence, we can recommend the most suitable course of action for addressing the root intrusion. This may include hydro jetting to clear the roots, pipe relining to repair damaged sections, or even replacement if necessary.


5. **Cost-Effective Repairs:** By accurately identifying the root blockage's location and extent, we can avoid unnecessary excavation or extensive pipe replacement, saving our clients both time and money.


6. **Preventative Measures:** Following root removal, we can advise our clients on preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of future root intrusion, such as root barriers or routine maintenance.


7. **Peace of Mind:** Our clients benefit from transparency and a thorough understanding of the issue. They can make informed decisions about their plumbing repairs, knowing that we have a precise understanding of the problem.


In Highland Park, IL, and beyond, camera video inspection is an essential tool for Emergency Plumbing to diagnose and resolve sewer and drain issues, particularly those caused by overgrown roots. It ensures that our clients receive efficient, cost-effective, and lasting solutions to their plumbing problems while minimizing disruption to their property.



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