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Smart jacket for your water heater

 Boost Your Water Heater’s Efficiency with Non-Fiberglass Blanket Insulation and

Energy Star Certification


As homeowners look for ways to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills, two solutions stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness: non-fiberglass water heater blanket insulation and choosing Energy Star certified models. This guide will explore how these upgrades can make a significant difference in your home’s energy efficiency and overall environmental impact.


Understanding Non-Fiberglass Water Heater Blanket Insulation

Water heater blankets, also known as jackets or covers, are designed to wrap around your water heater to reduce heat loss. This simple addition can improve energy efficiency, especially in older models that may not have as much built-in insulation. While traditional blankets often contain fiberglass, there are now non-fiberglass options available that offer several benefits:


**Safety and Comfort**: Non-fiberglass materials are safer to handle and install, reducing the risk of skin irritation or respiratory issues often associated with fiberglass

 **Efficiency**: Just like their fiberglass counterparts, non-fiberglass blankets help retain heat within the water heater, reducing the energy needed to maintain water temperature.

 **Eco-Friendly**: Many non-fiberglass blankets are made from recycled and sustainable materials, offering an environmentally friendly insulation option. 


The Advantages of Energy Star Certified Water Heaters


Energy Star is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. An Energy Star certified water heater meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA, offering several advantages:

- **Lower Utility Bills**: Energy Star certified water heaters can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in operating costs annually compared to standard models, thanks to their high efficiency.

- **Reduced Environmental Impact**: By using less energy, these water heaters contribute to fewer greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with eco-conscious homeowners' values.

- **Enhanced Performance**: Energy Star models often come with advanced features, such as better insulation and heat traps, that enhance performance without sacrificing comfort.


 Combining Non-Fiberglass Insulation with Energy Star Certification


 Energy Star certified water heater blanket insulation is effective steps toward enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. Not only will these improvements contribute to a healthier planet, but they’ll also lead to significant savings on your energy bills.


Embrace these eco-friendly solutions and enjoy the warmth and comfort of efficient hot water in your home.


Water Heater Blanket Insulation, "NON FIBERGLASS", Fits up to 80 Gallons, Energy Star Certified.

This is affiliate link , meaning we may earn a commission if you click and make a purchase through it, at no extra cost for you. 

  • Save Money, Energy and Help the Environment!!! SAVE 2x MORE WITH OUR PRODUCT!!! 5MM THICKNESS!!!
  • R-VALUE 7.1!!! Reduce Heat Loss by 40% !!! Recover Your Investment in a few month!!!
  • Fits All 20 to 80 Gallon Tanks / Fits Gas or Electric Water Heater
  • Easy to Install and Easy to Clean , Contains no Fiberglass, Non toxic / Non carcinogenic



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