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Storm Line Restoration in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

Smart Housing Systems Inc. DBA Emergency Plumbing** In the serene community of Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, residents recently faced a challenging issue with their underground storm sewer lines. Blockages caused by debris accumulation threatened the efficiency of their drainage systems. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Smart Housing Systems Inc., operating under Emergency Plumbing, swiftly responded to mitigate the risk of potential flooding and property damage.


The Challenge

Our expert team was contacted after local homeowners noticed slow drainage and backflow during moderate rains. Preliminary assessments pointed to severe blockages deep within the community’s aging infrastructure, particularly in the clay pipe segments renowned for their vulnerability to root invasion and sediment buildup. 


Our Approach

Emergency Plumbing employed a state-of-the-art hydro jetting technique, a powerful and environmentally friendly solution, to address this issue. Our skilled technicians deployed a high-pressure water jetting system designed to dislodge and remove stubborn blockages and accumulated debris. This system projects water at pressures exceeding 35,000 psi, powerful enough to break through even the toughest obstructions without damaging the integrity of the clay pipes.


Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, including high-resolution cameras, our team conducted an in-depth inspection to pinpoint the exact locations of the blockages. With precise locations identified, we introduced the hydro jetting hose fitted with a specialized nozzle into the storm lines. As the high-pressure water sprayed from the nozzle, it effectively cleared away not just loose debris but also hardened sediments clinging to the pipe walls.

The project was a resounding success, restoring full functionality to the storm sewer system of Hawthorn Woods. Residents witnessed immediate improvements in water drainage, with no subsequent reports of backflow or slow drainage, even during heavy rains.


Our Commitment and Services


At Smart Housing Systems Inc. DBA Emergency Plumbing, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive prompt, effective, and environmentally friendly solutions to all plumbing needs. Our services extend beyond hydro jetting to include comprehensive plumbing repairs, regular maintenance, and emergency response services.

Are you experiencing slow drains, backups, or other signs of plumbing distress?

We specializing at residential sewer service :

- sewer line camera inspection

- drain cleaning 

- sewer clean outs

- clogged sewer pipes

- jetting , hydro jetting service

- sewer line repair

Contact us today at Emergency Plumbing. Trust us to keep your home safe and your systems flowing smoothly!



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