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The NaviTrack Scout Locator a valuable tool for professionals

Emergency Plumbing technician is focused on using the NaviTrack Scout device to accuratly locate underground pipes.

This tool is a crutial asset for plumbing professionals during emergency repair situations .

It displays important information about the pipe's location and depth.


1. Multi-Directional Antenna Technology:


The NaviTrack Scout Locator uses multi-directional antenna technology to continuously monitor the entire signal, eliminating nulls or false peaks during the locate process.

2. Signal Strength Maximization:


Users can maximize the signal strength to pinpoint the target accurately without complications.


3. Depth Calculation:


The device automatically calculates and displays the depth when it's directly over the target, providing valuable information during the locate operation.


4. Micro-Mapping Display:


The locator utilizes a micro-mapping display to mark distinctive poles in front of and behind the target, ensuring an accurate locate position. This functionality makes the NaviTrack Scout Locator a valuable tool for professionals who need to locate remote transmitters or sondes accurately and efficiently.



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