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Project Spotlight:

Revamping Sewer Systems for Automotive Excellence in Wheeling!


Exciting Update!


We're thrilled to announce the completion of our latest project for a prominent commercial automotive business in Wheeling. Our team has successfully undertaken the hydro jetting of the sewer line and installed a new sewer drain access, ensuring long-term efficiency and reliability.




 The existing sewer system was facing challenges, struggling with inefficiencies and potential blockages. It was clear that an upgrade was necessary to keep up with the business's demands.  We used high-pressure hydro jetting technology to thoroughly clean the sewer lines. This powerful method effectively removed debris, blockages, and build-ups, ensuring a smooth flow.


Sewer Drain Access Installation:



 Understanding the need for regular maintenance, we also installed a new sewer drain access. This strategic addition allows for easier, more efficient future cleanings and inspections.





 The transformation is remarkable! The new system runs seamlessly, providing the business with a more reliable and efficient sewer line.

We're proud to deliver solutions that not only solve immediate issues but also contribute to the longevity and success of our clients' businesses.


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