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Smart Plumbing: Sensor Operated Faucet

Automatic Sensor touchless faucet is comfortable to use, saves water costs. Its installation is no more complicated than an ordinary crane. Let’s look at this devices and their advantages over conventional taps.

They has an unusual appearance. The only one control is located on the body in the form of a compact temperature controller. Models of touchless sensor faucets are installed on the touch controller, which regulates the temperature of the sensor on the right or left side, and on some touch controllers it is installed on the spout. 


On the body of the crane is a sensor that picks up the movement of the hands. In each model, automatic or manual adjustment of the sensor range is available. In most models, you can set the delay parameter – the time after which the water must be supplied and turned off.


Manual adjustment of these parameters is available in more expensive models. Automatic Sensor touchless facet is usually installed in sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as in hospitals, cinemas, supermarkets, and catering establishments.


Key benefits:

  • Hygiene – there are many germs on hand. The lack of contact between the hands and the tap prevents the spread of bacteria from person to person.
  • Durability – the absence of the usual valve or joystick control eliminates premature wear of the faucet.
  • Comfort and convenience – using a sensor faucet does not require opening water. It is enough to bring your hands or dishes to the sink so that the water flows from the spout.
  • Economy – these devices make it possible to reduce water bills. It stops flowing as soon as the hands are removed from the tap.
  • Security – you can not be afraid of an open tap and flooding of neighbors. Without movement in front of the sensor, the water in the tap will be permanently shut off. Small children can use the contactless tap without fear of getting a burn or overcooling: you can set the temperature manually beforehand or purchase a mixer with a thermostat that will provide a comfortable flow of water.
  • Design – touch faucets have an appearance that will add modernity to the interior in any kitchen or bathroom.



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