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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging

Why does my toilet keep clogging? If you often ask this question, you might want to call a professional plumber to get rid of the problem. In this article, we’ll try to analyze the most frequent reasons that can explain why your toilet always clogs. Plus, we’ll share recommendations on how to fix a toilet that keeps clogging up. 


Low Flow Toilet

This issue is typical of older toilets. They lack the necessary pressure to clear their drain and trap. To find out whether your toilet is a low-flow one, you should look at its back for a stamped date. If the unit is old indeed, you might want to replace it. If you can’t afford the replacement right now, you might try to limit the amount of toilet paper that you use.$CUT$

Besides, some newer toilets might have a poor design. Maybe, your toilet keeps clogging because of a wrong angle of the bowl or an inappropriate width of the opening of the drain. In this case, it doesn’t matter how much or little volume of water is being used to flush.


You Flushed a Non-Flushable Item

People who complain “My toilet keeps clogging!” tend to throw the following items there:

  • Cotton balls
  • Feminine products
  • Baby wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Q-tips

As soon as you stop flushing these items, you won’t need to deal with regular clogs anymore. You can safely flush only human waste and toilet paper.


Clogged Trap

Between the drain line and the toilet bowl, there is an S-shaped trap that prevents the drain from clogging. However, the trap itself might get clogged or backed up with toilet paper. You might want to service the trap yourself, using a plunger. If this doesn’t help, you should ask a plumber to come to your home.


Blocked Plumbing Vent

To be able to function, the drainage system needs airflow. No wastewater should be held in place and no vacuum should be formed. If the toilet vent gets clogged, the flushing pressure will reduce. If there is an issue with the ventilation pipe that goes to your roof, that might affect the flushing power too.

If this is your case, you should ask a professional to clear the vents. Maybe, the plumber will also need to repair the vent if it was designed or installed incorrectly.


Clogged Sewer Line

Some people would ask “Why is my toilet clogging repeatedly if I plunge it regularly?”. If plunging doesn’t help, there might be a blockage in the sewer line. It might be caused by debris, tree roots or non-flushable material. In such a situation, the only way out is to call a professional plumber.


You Might Be Using Too Much Paper or Wrong Type of Paper

Some brands of toilet paper fail to dissolve properly. And it doesn’t depend on their price! When paper and organic matter accumulate over time, they might cause a clog. You might try to remove it yourself using a plunger or a snake. Or, you can call a professional to plumb the unit.


Your Diet Needs More Fiber

If your toilet clogs every time, it might be an implication of your meat-based diet. Or, you might take some medications that affect your stool. In this case, you should consult a medical professional. Probably, you’ll need to include more fruits and vegetables into your nutrition plan. Or, you might consider installing a power-assist toilet with more flushing power. The price of such a unit should be affordable — but it will consume more water than a regular toilet.


There’s Not Enough Water in the Tank

Maybe, the tank fails to fill up fully. Then, there won’t be enough water when you try to flush. The rubber float in your tank might be set too low. The knob on the water supply line might be open all the way. If you lack plumbing skills, it might be tricky for you to determine whether there is enough water in your tank or not. But a professional should be able to understand it at first sight.


Your Water is Too Hard or Too Chlorinated

The term “hard” means that water is full of minerals like calcium. Over time, they get deposited inside the toilet and especially inside the drain pipe. In such a situation, you might want to invest in a water softener or replace the drain. In urban areas, chlorine might be added to water to kill bacteria. The rubber and plastic parts of your toilet might deteriorate prematurely because of chlorine. Imperfect seals might impact the flushing power too.


Call a Professional to Help With Your Clog

If your toilet clogs too easily and you can’t fix it yourself, feel free to call Emergency Plumbing USA! You might want to use our services for the following reasons:

  • You can get in touch with us 24/7
  • We’ll send a plumber to you almost immediately after you call us
  • All our contractors have a license and large experience
  • We’re ready to handle any types and brands of toilets, regardless of their age
  • Our prices are very affordable
  • Before we start the work, we’ll provide you with a free estimate
  • Once the work is finished, we’ll give you a warranty
  • Clients who have already used our services leave positive reviews about us and eagerly recommend us to their friends

Is your toilet constantly clogging? With our help, you’ll forget about this problem!



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