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Rain Shower: Shower Head With Real Rain

You can talk for a long time about the attractiveness of a stationary ceiling shower, but it is much simpler to feel comfort and anti-stress effect from its use at least once. If the choice fell in the direction of a tropical watering can – let’s deal with the intricacies of installation and installation of rough plumbing for its correct connection. Get Rain Shower Installation. We Look Forward To Serving All Your Plumbing Needs.


What is the essence of the tropical soul


Unlike a simple shower head emitting thin continuous streams of water, a rain shower acts differently. Due to the special design, water is mixed with air and immediately thrown out. Due to aeration, the flow is divided into many small droplets saturated with air bubbles, the direction of fall of which is usually strictly vertical.


Do not confuse multi-mode watering cans and headsets with a rain shower. Despite the similar effect, there are a number of significant differences. First of all, the difference in size catches your eye: a tropical watering can is much larger than a combined watering can, it creates a dense curtain of drops that practically do not disperse. The width of such a rain column can reach half a meter, and sometimes more. We also want to note that most fakes for a tropical shower do not have aeration, and this is a very significant factor in comfort.


Relatively low water consumption


Another characteristic feature is the relatively low water consumption. Despite the fact that the watering can covers a really large area, the flow is represented by small drops, the density of which is reduced due to air bubbles. It turns out that almost the entire body is in contact with a dispersed suspension of water in the air, but the duct is smaller than a standard watering can with a similar scattering area and flow density.


Installation tips


Planning the installation of a rain shower should be done in advance, simultaneously providing the necessary shape and dimensions of the shower compartment. The installation feature is that there is a long connecting pipe between the mixer and shower. Because of this, the temperature setting even with a thermostat occurs with a significant delay, respectively, almost always have to move away from too hot or cold “rain”.


In the simplest version, a tropical watering can can be part of an external installation – a rack with a mixer, which has an internal channel for supplying water to the watering can. However, this installation method requires even more space inside the shower, because the installation already requires an additional indent from the wall. An alternative installation method involves laying the connecting channel hidden under the finish; accordingly, it is necessary to foresee the gates or the corresponding clearance values when finishing the shower with false walls.


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