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Washing Machine Installation

Today on the market there are a huge number of models of washing machines from different manufacturers. It’s easy to choose and buy a machine, it remains only to connect it to the water supply and use it. But high-quality installation is the key to the long-term work of this indispensable equipment in everyday life. With the installation of a washing machine in Illinois, our plumbers will always help you.


How to install a washing machine?
This is a quick but rather complicated process, including: 

  • removing transport fasteners inside the machine;
  • connection of a hose for water intake;
  • installation of a drain hose to the sewerage;
  • connection to the power supply;
  • alignment of the machine by level;
  • check in test mode.


All work requires knowledge and experience, and almost always – additional parts and consumables.


Why is it better to trust the installation of the washing machine to a professional? Having no experience, even at the stage of removing the bolts that fix the washing drum during transportation, there is a risk of damage to the machine.


Also, manufacturers of washing machines give in the kit only the basic parts: a hose for water intake, fasteners for a drain hose to the rim of the bathtub, adapters, etc. But the hoses for the intake and drain can be too short or long. In addition, they need to be connected to a cold water supply and sewage system. This is done in different ways, but in any case, special siphons, tees and taps are needed, which are sold separately.


It is necessary to install the washing machine in compliance with all norms and requirements, otherwise it is easy to spoil not only the equipment, having lost its guarantee, but also get problems with the water supply. Leveling the machine is a prerequisite. Clothes in the washing drum are not evenly distributed, and vibrations are generated during rpm during washing. They are extinguished using springs that support the drum. Such a mechanism works well if the washing machine touches the floor with all its legs and stands level.


Professional installation of washing machines – a guarantee of long work!

By choosing our installation service, you will receive a full range of services from licensed plumbers in any Illinois area. If you have called plumbers to your home, you can be sure that they arrive quickly and work accurately. We provide a guarantee for all work performed.


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